What Type Of Tow Truck Will Best Protect Your Car?

Posted on: 16 April 2015
When your car fails, and you are stranded on the road somewhere, your first concern most likely will be how to get your car taken care of in order to get on with your day. Calling the first tow company you can find might be the quickest option, but it won't necessarily keep your car from getting damaged. If you car is already totaled, then getting a few scratches on your car might not be a big deal.
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How To Use A Tow Strap To Tow A Vehicle

Posted on: 15 April 2015
If you need to tow a car and have a truck that can handle the weight, you can use a variety of different towing accessories. One of the easiest items to use for towing a vehicle is a towing strap. Here are some tips for using a tow strap to tow a vehicle. How does the tow strap work? A tow strap is a good item to always keep in your vehicle, whether you have a truck that can tow a car that gets stuck, or if you are stuck and need help from someone else.
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Staying Safe While Waiting for a Tow

Posted on: 10 April 2015
If you are driving and suddenly experience a flat tire or run out of gas, calling an emergency towing company will be the best bet to get your vehicle back up and running.  It can be a scary situation being out on the open road, especially if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings or if the situation happens during nighttime hours. When waiting for a tow truck to arrive, there are several steps you can take to help maximize your safety.
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Why You Shouldn't Risk Towing A Car On Your Own

Posted on: 6 April 2015
If you or a friend has a big truck with some serious horsepower under the hood, you might be tempted to try your next towing job on your own. While your rig might have enough power to manage the job, it's a better idea to rely on a professional towing service. Reputable towing service companies know their trade well, so they can avoid causing damage to the vehicle being towed. Trying to handle the situation on your own could cause several big problems.
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