Reducing the cost of towing your car

Going On A Winter Road Trip Adventure? Make Sure You’re Prepared For An Emergency

Is the open road calling out to you to find the best skiing slopes or travel to the best place to sled? While winter driving excursions and trips can definitely be an adventure, there is nothing fun about being stranded in your car in the middle of winter. In fact, being stranded in your car in the cold can put you in danger. While you wait for a towing service to help you out, you must ensure you have what you need to stay safe and secure in your vehicle. Here area few things you need to carry with you before you head out on an adventure in the cold winter months.

Make sure you have extra layers for warmth.

Jackets, extra blankets, even a pair of gloves and socks for you and every passenger in the vehicle will be really important if you get stranded in the cold weather. …

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How To Spot Transmission Trouble

Unless you want to find yourself stranded along the side of the road, needing a tow to get home, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of the signs of transmission trouble. This way, you can have the vehicle repaired before the transmission completely breaks on you. To help you with this, you will want to review the following signs of transmission trouble.

Fluid Is Leaking

Depending on where the fluid is leaking from and how much is leaking, you may or may not notice a lot of it on the ground. However, to help catch the occasional drips that might be happening, you might want to place a large piece of cardboard under the front end of your vehicle. Secure the cardboard in place with a couple of rocks. Pull the cardboard out in the morning. If you notice that there are some wet spots …

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4 Tips To Get Ready For Towing After Breaking Down On The Road

While getting your car towed can be one of those things that you want to avoid, sometimes it is the only option if your car breaks down the side of the road. Instead of being at a loss of what to do when contacting a tow company, it’s important to look into what kinds of things you need to do so that you get your car back safely.

Take Pictures of the Front and Rear Bumper

When your car is towed, the tow company will likely be handling either the front or back bumper. While most tow companies know what they’re doing, there is always the chance that your car could be damaged when the towing equipment is being attached. In order for the bumpers to be protected, you can snap a few pictures of the front and rear bumper before it is towed so that you have concrete proof …

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How to Help Your Kids Have a Safe Car Trip Home for Christmas

While you are surely counting the days until your college kids come home for the Christmas holidays, you are probably also a bit apprehensive about their drive home. You are probably well aware that they haven’t gotten enough sleep due to finals or other exams and assignments. Also, you know that they may be so anxious to get home for the Christmas break that they might be tempted to have a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Here are some ideas that might help you to prepare them to have a safe car trip home for Christmas.

Prepaid Car Service – No matter how responsible your kids are, they may neglect having the car checked before they head home. Between the fact that they are anxious to get started and the fact that they may be short of cash, having the car serviced may not be high on your kid’s …

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Three Things You Should Keep In Your Car In Case You Get Stuck In The Snow

Getting your stuck in the snow is annoying at best, but it can also be extremely dangerous. If your car gets stuck along a frequently traveled road that’s covered in ice and snow, you could easily get hit by a passing vehicle. Alternatively, if your car gets stuck in snow in a remote area, and you aren’t prepared to face the winter weather, you could end up with frostbite or hypothermia. Before you attempt to travel through inclement weather, make sure these three items are in your car.

Towing Service Contact Information

Take the time to store phone numbers to a few local towing service companies in your phone. This way, you have the information you need if you can’t get an Internet connection from your phone. If you have an auto club membership that offers towing services, you should also keep that information handy as well.

Car-Sized Shovel

Purchase …

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My Car Has Been Repossessed – What Now?

You woke up this morning to find that your car has been repossessed, likely leaving you stranded and unable to get to work. You are faced with many difficult questions: What will happen to personal items that were left in my vehicle? Will I be able to get my vehicle back? How will this affect my credit? What do I do now?

Researching State Laws on Repossession

The first thing you want to do, is get informed about your state’s laws on vehicle repossession. Each state will have its own set of laws a creditor must follow when repossessing a vehicle. Failure to comply to these laws could result in the loss of rights against you.

What will happen to personal items that were left in my vehicle?

If you had any personal items in your vehicle at the time of repossession, you are entitled to reclaim these items. It …

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