Ready to Purchase Heavy Machinery and Vehicles at Auction? Set Up Your Heavy Duty Towing Needs First

Posted on: 5 October 2022

If you have some machinery that you bought at an auction and need to have it fixed before it can be driven, you'll have to find a heavy-duty towing company. Machinery that is in need of repairs but currently out of commission can be affordable and a way to save money on the machinery and vehicles that you want.

Be sure that you have a heavy-duty towing company and their services lined up in advance of the auction or before the sale. Here are some of the things to look for when picking a company.

Insurance Requirements

Heavy-duty machines and construction vehicles are valuable items, even when out of commission. Talk with the towing company to make sure they have the following:

  • Enough coverage for the value of each vehicle getting towed if there is an accident or problem
  • Liability insurance for their employee loading and unloading the machinery
  • Third-party injury coverage

This way you know that the purchase you made is protected and that you will be covered if any of the machines or drivers are hurt during the tow. You don't want to be liable for any damages considering they are your vehicles and machines being towed.

Qualified Drivers with Proper Licensing

A heavy-duty towing professional will be driving a different-sized vehicle than a normal tow truck, and this requires a different type of licensing and qualifications. Make sure that the company ensures all of its employees have the correct CDL licensing needed.

Get Quotes

You will want to get multiple quotes if you are worried about the cost of moving all these different machines. Talk with more than one company to see if you can get a reduced price as you need multiple items pulled, and then use the quotes that you get to negotiate with the different companies.

Since you are purchasing vehicles and machinery that aren't working or aren't functioning properly, you will want to have the machine shop or location ready to accept them as well. You only want to pay for one tow, not a tow to your business and then a tow to the repair shop to have the machinery worked on later on.

If the company has any type of website or social media presence, you'll want to look to make sure that they have good references and that customer service is adequate before you trust them with all of this expensive machinery that you've invested in. Plan it all out before you start purchasing so you are ready to go.