3 Important Tips For Choosing Heavy-Duty Towing Services

Posted on: 29 March 2022

Heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, trucks, semi-tractors, and motorhomes play a significant role in the transport industry and other businesses by facilitating the movement of people and goods. You may depend on these vehicles for your daily activities, but accidents and poor weather conditions can still cause them to break down or get stuck on the road. That results in a stop to business operations, delays, and inconveniencing other road users. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, call heavy-duty towing services to help you out.

What is heavy-duty towing?

This is the pulling and removal of heavy-duty vehicles from an accident scene or when they break down in transit. Heavy-duty vehicles weigh over 6000 pounds and require larger trucks to tow them. They include buses, transit trucks, tractors, mobile cranes, etc. Some companies specialize in providing towing services specifically for these types of vehicles. They do that using trucks and special equipment that have the necessary power to pull heavy vehicles.

Factors to consider when choosing a heavy-duty towing service

If you are in the transport business, you need a regular and reliable heavy-duty towing service in case of emergency. The following are some factors to consider before choosing a towing company:

1. Towing Equipment and expertise

Unlike towing light vehicles, heavy-duty towing requires complex and robust equipment for pulling. Besides regular chains and hitches, removing a track from an accident requires other equipment such as forklifts, heavy-duty wreckers, lowboy trailers, and rotators. When settling for a towing company, you should check if they have adequate equipment for the job. Additionally, they need to have professionally trained staff who can operate the machines and ensure the safety of your vehicle and goods.

2. Reliability

Accidents and vehicle breakdowns are unprecedented and occur at any time, anywhere. When your vehicle breaks down at night, you need immediate help to get you back on the road. Selecting a reliable heavy-duty towing company that shows up for your rescue anytime is imperative. Therefore, you should practice due diligence and gauge their reliability when choosing a towing service. A good towing company should have branches all over the state to shorten the response time for emergencies and have reliable emergency services that operate 24/7.

3. Value for money

Before hiring any services, getting the value for your money should always be a top consideration as a consumer. When choosing a heavy-duty towing company, you should check the benefits and the prices and compare it with other companies. For instance, you should check if they offer a comprehensive service or lack a particular service. That helps you avoid paying more money for fewer services.


Heavy-duty towing is an important service that sorts you out during accidents and emergencies. Hire a professional towing company today for reliable and affordable services.