Dealing With Damage To Glass Other Than The Windshield In Your Car

Posted on: 16 July 2020

The glass in your car or truck is designed to be durable, but it can break or crack with the right impact on the glass. The windshield is probably the most common glass in your car to need auto glass repair, but it is not the only glass that may need replacing.

Side Window Glass

If you have a side window on your car or truck that is broken, taking the vehicle to an auto glass repair shop to replace it is the easiest way to deal with it. The side window glass can be a little involved to replace.

Auto glass repair shops can order the right glass for your side window and install it for you relatively quickly. In most cases, the trim inside the car may need to come off, and the door panel or side panel near the window will need to be removed so that the technician can get to the mechanism that moves the window.

If removal of the trim panels is not done right, the retaining clips can break, and the panel will not be tight when it is reinstalled, allowing it to rattle as you drive. While the technician from the auto glass repair service has the door or trim panels off, they can vacuum out any broken glass from the cavities behind the panel then install the new glass for you. The installation methods can vary with the type of glass and the location on the car, but when the job is finished, the glass should operate as it did initially.

Rear Window Glass

The rear window is less likely to receive an impact from debris on the road, but it can break if it is struck hard enough. In most cars, the rear window is similar to the side glass and is designed to shatter in small particles when it is hit.

The auto glass repair company will need to order the right glass for your car to ensure that things like the rear window defogger are included in the glass and have the proper wiring connector. This glass is often installed the same way a windshield is, using a rubber or urethane sealing material to secure it to the car and seal out any leaks. 

Check with your auto glass repair service to see if they offer mobile service for the glass in your car other than the windshield if you need them to come to you and replace the glass. Many companies will replace the windshield and rear glass on location, but side windows can be much more involved, so they may not offer mobile repair. 

Contact an auto glass repair shop near you to learn more.