4 Car Towing Services Most People Never Think About

Posted on: 10 July 2015

A common conception of towing involves the transporting of a stalled car. However, there are other times when people may need to use a towing service. In fact, it may be wise to keep the contact information of a tower handy for when the need arises.

For anyone unfamiliar with the wide range of services offered by most tow companies, here are four examples.

  • Auto Racing Teams Traveling to the Tracks

Racecar teams compete all over the country. They have to get the car from track-to-track. It is unreasonable to assume that they would drive the vehicle there. Teams want their cars to arrive at the destination in top shape. Driving an expensive hot rod on regular roads would cause damage to sensitive parts. Furthermore, in most states driving a racecar on the streets would be illegal.

Towing is the primary way to get to the track. Teams transport the cars inside large trucks in most cases. It is also possible to use a dolly that pulls the car along behind the truck.

  • People Moving to a New Home

When it is time to relocate, individuals and families usually want to take their cars, if possible. The car may be a family favorite. Perhaps the owner lives on a tight budget, preventing them from purchasing something new. Regardless of the reason why, those relocating to new homes may rent a dolly tow to tug that precious vehicle along to the new homestead.

  • New Cars Being Delivered to Dealers

When consumers purchase a new automobile, quite often they order it custom made. The cars sitting in the showroom are there for display purposes. Potential buyers take a look, kick the tires and go on a test drive. Then, they choose the color scheme and accessories for their personal model.

The manufacturer sends the requested model to the dealership for pickup by the buyer. Usually, these cars arrive on a carrier tow trailer ready to go to their new home.

  • Collector Cars Being Sent to Purchasers

Whenever possible, car aficionados purchase additions to their collections. They often find these collectables in faraway locations. There is no telling where one will find a valuable car. The buyer places the order, puts money in escrow and awaits arrival. Meanwhile, the seller arranges for the heavy duty towing delivery of the car to its new owner. If all goes as expected, this valuable car arrives in prime condition.

Hiring a Tow

As seen here, towing involves a variety of services Consumers can locate a professional towing service in their area via the internet.

To learn more, contact a company like Express Tow & Recovery with any questions or concerns you have.