Auto Stripping: How Auto Reycling Centers Tear Apart And Reuse Cars

Posted on: 30 May 2015

When you hire towing services to take your dysfunctional vehicle away, it can go to a salvage yard and sit, or it can go to an auto recycling center. An auto recycling center is a facility that completely strips your worn out vehicle into as many reusable parts as possible. If you have ever wondered how a recycling center for cars and trucks works, then the following article will provide the information you seek.

Disassembly and Testing

Every part that comes out of your discarded vehicle is tested both before and after it has been removed. The mechanics working in an auto recycling center disassemble the vehicle carefully to preserve all potentially reususable parts. Then the parts are thoroughly cleaned, oiled or greased, boxed and stored until auto dealers or repair shops need them.

Rebuilding Vehicles

After stripping your old vehicles, they may use some of its parts to get several other vehicle going again. Some, not all, auto recycling centers rebuild cars that have not been damaged, but simply have mechanical issues that need addressing. It is the equivalent to humans needing a new liver or a heart transplant. Once these cars are functional again, the business can sell them for profit. 

Donating Vehicles to Auto Repair Classrooms

Another option that recycling centers sometimes use is donating stripped vehicles to classrooms where students are learning how to repair them. The recycling center may strip almost every reusable part out of the cars before giving the remaining shells and parts to automotive repair classrooms. The students then learn how to repair, rebuild and restore the vehicles to a fully functional state before they are allowed to graduate from the program.

Not All Parts Can Be Recycled

There are parts that cannot be reused, especially if they were badly damaged in an accident. Other parts, such as a catalytic converter, are headed for the metal scrap pile as many states ban the reuse of catalytic converters. Tires that have little to no tread are not legally acceptable for resale. Brakes, bearings, rotors and any other parts that are ground down and are not safe to install into another car is scrap metal too. Everything else is fair game for resale.

Absolute Scrap

When a car has been completely stripped of everything worthy of reuse and nothing can be done with what is left, the remaining pieces of the car are sent to metal recycling centers. There, the metal is crushed and melted down before being transformed into sheets of metal or poured into molds to create metal parts for something else.

This is how your car goes from being "worthless" to invaluable through the auto recycling process, helping to protect the environment and lower production costs for new vehicles. For more information on recycling, contact a company like Jeff's Towing.