How To Use A Tow Strap To Tow A Vehicle

Posted on: 15 April 2015

If you need to tow a car and have a truck that can handle the weight, you can use a variety of different towing accessories. One of the easiest items to use for towing a vehicle is a towing strap. Here are some tips for using a tow strap to tow a vehicle.

How does the tow strap work?

A tow strap is a good item to always keep in your vehicle, whether you have a truck that can tow a car that gets stuck, or if you are stuck and need help from someone else. A tow strap is a type of cable that gives you a good length of space in order to get a car out of mud, snow, or a shallow ditch. It can also be useful if you break down and just need to drag your car a short distance so you are safely out of the way until a tow truck arrives. While a tow strap is simple to use, it is important that you use it correctly so you don't cause damage to your vehicle.

How do you attach the strap to the towing vehicle?

The first part of the tow strap will be attached to the tow vehicle. There should be a mounting location on the rear end of the car where the towing strap or hook goes. If there is a trailer hitch, that is the perfect place to mount the hook of the towing strap. Otherwise, there may be a loop located underneath the bumper where the hook can be mounted. Do not attempt to mount the hook of the tow strap to any other part of the towing vehicle, as it won't be secure enough.

Where does the tow strap attach to the vehicle being towed?

You are going to follow similar instructions when attaching the other end of the tow strap to the vehicle you need to tow, except you will tow it from the front. Look underneath the front bumper and find a loop. It should be made of steel, making it secure enough to hold the strap while it is being towed. Once you find it, place the hook at the other end of the tow strap to that loop, then pull it firmly to make sure it is hooked securely.

How is the vehicle pulled?

Before you begin pulling the vehicle, make sure it is in neutral. Otherwise, it will be a lot more difficult to pull. If the vehicle is resting flat, release the brake and start up the tow vehicle. However, if the vehicle being pulled is at an angle, someone needs to be sitting in the driver's seat so they don't release the brake until you're ready to start pulling. Otherwise, you risk the vehicle rolling down further into the ditch it is stuck in.

When your truck is started, go very slowly and never try to rush it.  You may need a little more force on the gas pedal if the car is stuck in mud or snow, but in most cases, going slow is the best way to go. Once the car is towed to a safe location, put your truck in park and then make sure the other car is also in park.

If the car is on the freeway, it can't be towed in this manner. It is better to call a tow truck for help. You may also need a tow truck if you are pulling a heavy vehicle or if you are stuck in a deep ditch. Call a company like Big D Towing for help.