Staying Safe While Waiting for a Tow

Posted on: 10 April 2015

If you are driving and suddenly experience a flat tire or run out of gas, calling an emergency towing company will be the best bet to get your vehicle back up and running.  It can be a scary situation being out on the open road, especially if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings or if the situation happens during nighttime hours. When waiting for a tow truck to arrive, there are several steps you can take to help maximize your safety.

Move Your Vehicle

As soon as you suspect a flat or if your vehicle starts chugging because gas is about gone, move your vehicle off the roadway to avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic. Put on your turn signal to alert other drivers you are going to be getting out of the way and switch your signal to your four-way flashers when you have parked your vehicle on the shoulder.

Keep these lights on the entire time you are waiting for your tow so other drivers will be able to slow down upon approaching your vehicle. This will also be helpful for the tow truck operator so they will find you on the road easily.

Stay Inside Your Vehicle

When traffic is zipping past at quick speeds, it is very dangerous to attempt getting out of your vehicle. If you break down in an area where you are afraid you may be bothered by undesirable people, stay inside your vehicle with the doors locked. Give a call to the towing company as soon as your vehicle is safely out of the way of other drivers and wait for their arrival.

If someone pulls over asking if you need help, roll your window down a crack, thank them for asking, and let them know help is on the way. If you are harassed in any way by other drivers, call the police immediately.

Prepare for Arrival

Set aside any items you will be taking out of your vehicle to go with you when the tow truck operator arrives. If you had sustained any damage to your vehicle from the incident, grab your insurance information so you can call your insurance company after the tow truck driver gets there. When the tow truck arrives, ask the driver for a form of identification before unlocking your door. Making sure the truck that arrived is the one you had called is important for your safety. 

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