3 Reasons A Semi Might Need A Tow Truck

Posted on: 27 January 2021

Semi trucks haul the consumer goods that people rely on each day. Without semi trucks traveling the roadways on a daily basis, it would be impossible to keep retail store shelves fully stocked.

Despite the routine maintenance and care given to semi trucks by their owners and operators, these trucks face some common problems that can send them to the sidelines. A specialized tow truck can come to the rescue of any sidelined semi truck.

1. Misplaced Keys

Semi truck drivers operate under strict time constraints. Delivering a load on time is critical to their success. Misplaced keys can cause a driver to fall dangerously behind schedule.

Tow truck operators that specialize in working with semis have the ability to provide locksmith services for their clients. By unlocking a semi truck or creating a new key, a semi tow truck can help drivers stick to their schedules and deliver their loads on time.

2. Faulty Brakes

Modern semi trucks are equipped with drum brakes and discs. These braking systems face many hazards when traveling down the roadway. A semi truck's brakes are exposed to extreme weather conditions as the truck traverses across the country.

Semi trucks that are fully loaded can be incredibly heavy. This weight increases the amount of friction the braking system on a semi truck experiences with each stop. It is not uncommon for the brakes to fail on a semi truck. A tow truck can be called in to haul the damaged semi to a mechanic for repairs.

3. Tire Failure

Semi trucks are often referred to as 18-wheelers. This moniker comes as a result of the numerous tires that can be found on a semi truck and trailer. With so many tires in motion at all times, semi trucks are bound to experience a tire failure at some point.

It's not easy to change the tire on a semi truck. Drivers can't simply jack up the semi and replace the damaged tire themselves. A tow truck that specializes in working with semi trucks is equipped with the machinery needed to raise a semi off the ground so a damaged tire can be replaced.

When semi truck drivers find themselves in need of assistance, help is only a call away. Semi towing companies typically operate around the clock to get sidelined semi trucks back on the road so that the nation's consumer goods are moved efficiently. Look for a semi towing company for the next time your semi truck is on the road.